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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

a different kind of dirty 30

my friend nabum, who became a mom in october and looks fabulous as always, invited a bunch of us to join her in a 30-workouts-in-30-days challenge for the month of june.  since i've been finding it a little tough to get myself motivated lately, i thought it was a great idea.

of course, i didn't sign up until june 2nd...and i'd taken a rest day the day before.  oops.  but the girls and i had gone to disneyland (shocker, i know), so i'm totally counting the five hours of walking around pushing the bean in a stroller.  it's still activity, right?

saturday's exercise was that 5K i did.  and my stepdad emailed me the funny photo i mentioned yesterday, taken as i tossed that goody bag towards my cheering squad on the downhill start.  maybe it isn't as funny to you, but it still makes me laugh.

on sunday i yoga'd along with jillian michaels via my yoga meltdown DVD.  i love that workout - it's a great strengthening and stretching session that still makes me sweat my ass off.  and yesterday was fit club with my friends kelley and mr. lilcee.

i haven't gone on a run since saturday, but since it's tuesday and the bean isn't in school today, i'm kinda stuck at home.  luckily, the hub recently made a purchase for his man cave - one that'll help me on days just like this:

yup, that's right.  nestled in the corner behind the IL's ATV is one very fancy schmancy elliptical machine.  it's really smooth, has a place to plug in my iPod if i want, and even has a built-in fan.  for the sweaty messes that the hub and i both end up after a workout, this is fabulous.  and i get to watch tv while i get my exercise in.

ah, the man cave.  despite the lingering scent of cigar smoke, it's gonna be my best friend in the upcoming weeks.  wish me luck as i attempt to conquer this new challenge.  i'm already missing my rest days.

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