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Friday, June 22, 2012

she's a dancin' machine

this weekend is the bean's very first dance recital.  and thank goodness - we've been prepping for this thing for what seems like forever.  okay, at least since february.  that's a pretty long freaking time, yo.

and holy bank of america, batman - talk about a total nickel & dime process.  registration fees, costumes, accessories, new tap shoes, show tickets, professionally-produced DVD (because i'll be stuck backstage probably the whole time making sure she doesn't freak out).  i wonder what else we'll get sucked into before it's over at last.  not to mention that we've been warned that the auditorium they've got booked isn't air conditioned.  yikes.  end of june, late afternoon show, hundreds of folks in the audience.  oh, boy.

although i already know it'll be worth it.  she's really excited to dance with her friends on the big stage, and was so stoked to pick up her getup for her part in the "little bugs."

we've got a costume check and run-through this afternoon, and then two complete dress rehearsals tomorrow - spaced five hours apart.  blech.  we were invited to two birthday parties tomorrow for some really good friends, and had to decline both because of these mandatory rehearsals.  ugh.  but here's a sneak peek at what she'll look like:

oh, and we get to go all "dance moms" on them - because the lights on the stage will totally wash 'em out, we've been asked to put some bright lipstick and blush on the girls, plus mascara if we can get them to hold still long enough to brush it on.  and their hair has to be in a high ponytail all curled up.  eek.  i've been on the lookout for those clip-in curls, because her hair is so heavy it won't really hold a curl for long, but i may have to improvise.  those damn things are pricey, and for a one-time use, i'm not really all about it.

cross your fingers and wish us luck.


  1. Set her hair in those pink foam rollers. My sister and I have thick heavy hair and my mom put us in them overnight and that curl didn't budge! Or see if you can get your hands on a Caruso steam roller system.

  2. What about curling with a flat iron (plenty of YouTube tutorials). That holds much better than curling iron curls.

  3. Besides the foam rollers, you can try rag curls or pin curls. They really do hold up well if you do them on lightly damp hair the night before. I've even seen people use paperbag strips.


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