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Friday, June 1, 2012

see what $20 can get you

first off, happy birthday to my dear MIL!  can't wait to see you in 20 days!

so one of those $20/hour foot massage joints recently opened up not too far from home.  i noticed it one day as i was out running a bazillion errands, and made a mental note to check it out in the not-too-distant future.

of course, a couple of months went by before i finally decided to give it a shot.  my feet were pretty achy, and i was feeling the need for a little relaxation.  so i got up extra early for my run, zoomed through my shower, and was out the door with just enough time to get there as they opened.

except that i ended up waiting, with the staff pulling up all together in one minivan at 10:15, scurrying to open up and get to work.  there were lots of embarrassed smiles and apologies, and i was directed to one of the ten or so massage chairs right away.

it was a little odd getting a full body massage while fully clothed, plus a towel draped over me almost from head to toe.  because i wanted to get the full experience, i refused to let myself drift off into la la land and instead spent most of my time thinking about how i'd write this post.  ha!  and this was definitely a no-frills, non-foofy type of place.  but it was a pretty damn good rubdown and stretching, with a fabulously relaxing foot massage tossed in.  definitely $20 well spent.

although the pricing is a little confusing, or at least i thought so.

but whatever.  i forked over my cash happily, threw in a good tip, and left feeling like a million bucks.  i downed my cup of water, got in the car, and picked up the bean from school with one big ass smile on my face.

for that price, i could totally get away with a monthly visit.  shhhhh.  don't tell the hub.

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  1. Great that one opened up close to you. We (NB and the family) have been going to Alhambra. $15 plus $5 tip
    is way reasonable for a 1-hr massage. Too bad I live too far, although I'm sure there's one here I can try.


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