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Friday, August 3, 2012

a different kind of casting

the hub's family is definitely a fishing kinda group.  a lot of their quality bonding time has been spent up in northern california, standing waist-deep in the truckee river, lakeside in tahoe, or on a boat in one of the lakes near bishop.  it's never really been my thing - although i admittedly hadn't ever tried it.  fishing just didn't really sound like something i wanted to spend any time doing.

but with the ILs home for an extended visit and looking to relax with fishing poles in hand, i figured it was a good time as any to give it a shot.  besides, the bean is finally old enough to play along too, and she's excited to do anything as long as it means grandma and grandpa are around.  plus, the last time we joined them on a fishing trip was before the bean was even a year old.  

the plan was to spend a night or two in bishop, drive up to truckee, and then finish it off with one night in mammoth.  FIL and the hub's grandpa headed out first, leaving the house at the asscrack of dawn to get up there and squeeze in some peace and quiet over a rod and reel.  this gave us time to get our shit together, get the dog squared away at a kennel, and pack up half the house.  

it was a lovely drive through some hot ass temperatures - we're talking triple-digits here.  but look at how pretty the scenery got:

i really should've taken more photos along the way, but i was so engrossed in the stack of magazines i'd brought and the bag of snacks tucked near my feet that i just...didn't.  meh.  and before i knew it, we were pulling up at the best western plus - mighty fine accommodations in bishop.  no, really.  we somehow scored with a suite that looked like crap from the outside, but inside - well, see for yourself.

throw in free breakfast and complimentary wi-fi, and it was a sweet spot to rest our heads for a couple of nights.

the next morning, the guys took off early while MIL, the bean and i slept in, had breakfast, and got ready at a leisurely pace.  when we were finally good to go, MIL took the wheel as i sat back and enjoyed the ride.

our destination was south lake, where the hub was waiting for us with a fun boat he'd rented for us to ride on while we fished.

a trip to bass pro shop before we left for this excursion yielded quite a few fun things for me and the bean.  she got to pick out her very first fishing rod - toy story themed, of course - and i ran around grabbing fun snacks like this.

and the hub decked me out with a fabulous first fishing rod of my own - black and pink, of course.

it was blessedly cool - in the 70s - and as we relaxed and waited for the fish to bite, clouds rolled in and out.  as the bean took a quick snooze, it started raining on us.

i was actually really enjoying myself.  while i wasn't so much into baiting my own hooks (my companions were all too willing to help, thank goodness), i learned how to cast a line and did a pretty darn good job at it if i do say so myself.  and of course, the bean was still passed out and totally missed her mother's triumph.

i really, really didn't want to touch that thing...but the need to take advantage of such a fantastic photo op won out.  well, duh.

the bean woke up not long after that, and as we sat back under the canopy and snacked on more junk food, nature called.  remember that bucket of cookies she picked up in solvang?  well, MIL and i decided that it would likely come in really handy while on the boat.  the bean could not stop laughing at the prospect of taking a piss into this thing.

it was right after we, uh, took care of business that dark clouds rolled in hard and fast and started pouring big, heavy drops down on us.  this wouldn't have been too terrible other than the fact that they were also accompanied by some very bright bolts of lightning, which brought their friend SCARY ASS THUNDER along.  we couldn't get out of that boat fast enough.

but all in all, we were all quite pleased with our day.  the bean, while not successful in catching a fish of her own, got to reel in at least two that took bait from her grandparents' fishing poles.  and i was happy to find that this fishing thing...well, it's not a bad way to spend a day.  

especially when snacks are involved.  whee!

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