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Friday, August 10, 2012

the neverending bake sale

with our big fundraiser party happening tomorrow, i'm a frazzled mess.  i just feel like there's just! so! much! to! do!  we're forty-something days out from the big walk weekend and with help from lots of generous friends and family members, we're inching closer and closer to our goal.  as of this morning, we've raised $2,545!  that's pretty awesome.  we've still got quite a ways to go, but i'm feeling a little less stressed out about it.

the ongoing bake sale has helped a lot.  in just the last week, i've gotten to do a whole slew o'cookies in all different shapes and colors.  a ton of work, but really fun to do.

these i may have to recreate for the bean's upcoming birthday bash.  i've managed to talk her into doing an ice cream party theme:

a sweet blog reader who's doing the color run with a team contacted me to see if i could provide some treats for her to give her teammates.  it was a super fun theme to work with, and i was pretty happy with how they turned out.

i'd freaked out a little over the spillage of frosting over the sides, but when i thought about it a little harder, i realized it worked really well with their team name.

one of my friends asked me to help her with a little gift to drop off with her lactation consultants as a thank-you for their help over the last year.  when i asked the teen, she automatically said "boobies!"  i tried to get my friend to go along with that, but she wasn't sure how they'd go over.  i suppose if one wasn't sure of someone's sense of humor, it'd be better to err on the side of caution and go with something a little less...potentially offensive.  lucky for me, i really love making these:

but as i was cutting the dough out for those, i decided to throw in a couple of test cookies just for fun.  you know, just to see how they might turn out should the need arise for them in the future.  and while they didn't come out exactly the way i'd like, it was a good experiment.  heh.

for a baby shower using a cute primary colors theme, i did these:

and for a bridal shower, these:

and i got to revisit my friends the angry birds - but this time, the "in space" version.

those green pigs took some serious macgyvering skills to create.  i used a balloon cutter for that red bird (a trick i swiped from my friend sugarbelle), then flattened the cutter a bit to create that crazy purple guy.  but that pig...oh, he was kind of a bitch.  i started out with a circle - simple enough.  and then i managed to locate a mini crown-shaped cutter i'd picked up on a whim one day - i've bought a bunch of shapes for no good reason at all, and it definitely paid off this time.  except that the cutter had four points on it, and i only needed three, so i chopped one off.  and the little ears were the arms off of a mini gingerbread man cutter.

crazy, right?  i had to cut each piece out individually and stick it all together before baking.  thank god it all turned out right, or those green pig kings just wouldn't have looked the same.

i think i'm going to make some cookies to put in the swag bags for tomorrow's party.  just something simple that'll add to the handful of items we've managed to scrounge up for them.  if you're local and find yourself with nothing to do tomorrow afternoon, join us!

and if not, please send us some happy vibes tomorrow from 4 till 7.  i'm really nervous about how it's all going to turn out, and i'm really hopeful for a smashing success.


  1. You have such a talent! Best of luck tomorrow.

  2. You've been real busy! Good luck tomorrow!

  3. Love the ice cream and onesie cookies! You always do such a great job! And your cookies taste great too!

  4. Such cute designs. You've been so busy!

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. It's been way too long. =D

  5. The boob cookies totally made my day. Great work!


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