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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

island fun on the mainland

the bean loves going to playdates with her friends mini cee and mini DG.  i love these playdates too, because whenever we hang out with lilcee and dailygluttony, we're almost always guaranteed to go somewhere new and exciting for grub.  it's always about the food, heh.

this time around, it was an early morning GTG at ford amphitheater for a free children's concert.  they do these things all summer long, and this particular one was most enticing because it was a hawaiian music and dance show.  hey, i'll pretty much grab onto any way i can get close-ish to the islands.

i love making the bean climb stairs and crap because it usually ensures a good, long nap later in the day.

because we'd anticipated crowds (freebies always attract an assload of people, especially if it's a kid-centric activity), we were there super early.  this gave us lots of time to stop at the arts & crafts station for the kids.  i love how the bean is side-eyeing the uber-animated lady who gave them a detailed history of leis and instructions on how to make theirs.

there were only a couple of other people there, so there were plenty of tables to pick from, all stocked up with all the essentials for crafting.

and by the time all three kids were done with their project (or, more accurately, after we finished putting it all together for them while they giggled, tossed stickers at each other and punched random holes in paper) it had gotten pretty stinking crowded.

they were quite proud of their handiwork.  and i laugh when i look at this picture and notice the bean's arm snaking around to try and pull mini DG closer into the circle of love.

leaving the hordes of folks crowding around the art tables behind, we headed up the stairs and into the theater, where we found plenty of seats still available down near the stage.

although it was a bit overcast when we arrived, i was pretty grateful for the big cover overhead that shielded us from the bright sun that eventually burned its way through.

i honestly don't know what's up with this wacky ass smile the bean throws on lately whenever i want to take a picture of her.

lovely, soothing hawaiian music was playing on the speakers on either side of us, inspiring the bean to fling her jacket off dramatically and do her own version of the hula.

and when the show was about to start and i asked her to sit down, this is what i got.  stinker.

the first part of the show was a hula lesson, and everyone was encouraged to stand up and join in.  the kids scurried into the aisle for a better view.

the show was entertaining, and just long enough.  an hour is plenty of time when you've got an audience full of kids.

afterwards, there was quite the stampede as people scrambled to get in line to meet the dancers.  as the line grew, quick-thinking lilcee managed to corral one of the lead dancers and get her to pose with the kids for a photo.  i'm sure the folks in that stupidly long line weren't thrilled, but whatever.  my friend is one smart cookie.

dailygluttony suggested we try sycamore kitchen, a new-ish restaurant not too far away.  when we met up in front, the kids ran towards each other in slow-mo and grabbed onto each other like lifelines.  it was as if they hadn't just seen each other ten minutes before.

the restaurant was very cool, and although small, there was a communal table that had room for us (especially after we managed to drive away one guy who gave the kids a frightened glance as he packed up and scurried away).  haha, chicken!

it didn't take very long for me to decide what to get.  one look at the double BLT-A and i was smitten - minus the A, of course.

we had a great time, chatting and laughing and enjoying our super delicious lunch.  and when the kids decided that holding up a fork and twisting to and fro while chanting "i'm a rhino!  i'm a rhino!" we knew it was time to head out.

yet another awesome playdate with our buddies.  we are just so lucky to have such great friends like these.

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  1. We went to Sycamore Kitchen with my mom and brother on Saturday. :)


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