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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

hotter than a witch's...

it's been butt ass hot 'round these parts for the last couple of weeks.  ugh.  i'm seriously scared of what our electricity bill is gonna look like this month - but not quite enough to shut the a/c off.  it's just too damn uncomfortable, and it makes for some rough naptimes when it's too warm inside the house.

but sucky weather doesn't hold us down.  oh, no.  we've got to keep on movin'.  it would blow to stay home all the time, and so we've been trying to keep our outings centered around finding cooler places to hang out.  in southern california, this usually means the beach.

splash pads are a good choice too.  and there's a pretty good one in an outdoor mall not too far from home - never mind that the temperatures there are usually even higher than at home, but at least this way we can shop and cool off at the same time.

and when our good friend amber, who has a pool in her backyard, invited us over for a playdate, we jumped at the chance.

of course, the happiest place on earth has provided some relief too.  it's a little cooler down in anaheim, but not by much.  and at california adventure, there are actually two splash pads available for chillin'.  this one is in the "bug's land" area.

the other one is near the pier, by the little mermaid ride.  except that on this particular day, there was a woman there with what looked to be her grandson, stripped down to his diaper.  not a swim diaper, and so it was puffed up like a balloon - and as i watched her in horror, she pulled it off and tossed it across the ground past us and a few other folks.  um, gross.  what is wrong with people?  so we settled for kicking back under an umbrella and enjoying the breeze.

this heat wave needs to end, stat.  i'm running out of ideas for outings.  ugh.

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