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Monday, April 6, 2015

easter, the lazy way

easter 2015 was the most laid-back, lazy sunday holiday ever.  the teen had gone off to her dad's for a visit, while the rest of us literally hung out around the house doing absolutely nothing.  like, we were all in our pjs until way into the afternoon.  it was quite a difference from the last couple of years, where we spent spring break with the ILs in texas.  we missed them, but it was nice to be home for a change.

the bean even made us lunch - PB&Js that she said she made with love.  they even looked heart-shaped:

after finally hopping into the shower and getting cleaned up, the two of us headed to the grocery store to find something to make for dinner.  the hub stayed home to hide some easter eggs i'd pre-filled, and when we got home and put the groceries away the bean grabbed her basket and went on a hunt.  it was funny to see where he'd "hidden" them:

when she'd located all 16 eggs, she plonked down on the floor to check them all out.  she was quite generous with the goodies, sharing the contents of each egg with me.  i'm pretty sure i've done all the good i did with that 60-day challenge from all the candy i shoveled in yesterday.

i'd taken it easy on the candy, though. there were other things inside the eggs too.

that bonus prize was this:

quick selfie:

plus, there was one of these for each of the girls from grandma.

the hub manned the BBQ for dinner, and the three of us went to town on steak, brown rice and green bean casserole.

i'm pretty sure we'll be in texas again next year, but that's okay.  we had a lovely holiday here at home this time around.

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