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Monday, April 20, 2015

please don't take my sunshine away

i'm always a little bummed when a holiday comes and i don't get to make cookies for it.  ha!  so lame, i know.  but there are always so many fun designs to play with, and since my house isn't particularly interested in eating these things anymore, i have to wait till someone asks.  in this case, it was easter.

happily, i got a last-minute request, which fulfilled my desire to do chicks, bunnies and eggs.

something i'd not yet done was thomas the train - a fairly common party theme, wouldn't you say?  when i perused google images for ideas, i got a little nervous.  remember, i'm really not an artist.  i'm not as good at drawing as my kid, who can whip up a pretty darn good picture of just about anything. i managed to figure it out, though, and i think the birthday boy was satisfied with what he got:

haha, every time i look at that face i cringe.  i'm just hoping that his party guests were fully aware of the theme and realized what i was going for.  i am just so bad at drawing faces.

the next set was another fun one for me.  with a theme of "you are my sunshine" and a color scheme of yellow and gray, i was excited to bust out the ol' airbrush again.  now these faces were easy - the simpler the better for me.  even i can't screw up basic eyes, noses and mouths!

when a friend asked me if i could do cookies for a baby shower themed "dinosaurs in space," i couldn't help but laugh.  seems like a pretty random theme, but the photos she sent me to draw inspiration from were super cute.  lucky for me, the shapes were fairly easy to do, and here's how they turned out:

these were for a first birthday.  i used to read the very hungry caterpillar to the bean all the time, and she loved how these turned out (as did i).

and because my cutter was so small, i ended up printing out a template and using it to hand-cut the cookies out.  i haven't done this in a long time either, and while it isn't my favorite thing to do, i wanted to make sure that the cookies were a good size.

so i've had this set of cutters just lurking in my stash, waiting for the right moment to be used.  they're actually meant for gingerbread cookies, but i figured they'd work for regular sugar cookies, too.  aren't they cute?

i got my chance to use some of them for another baby shower.  the mom-to-be had actually sent over some design ideas she'd found, but i thought i'd ask her if i could use these instead.  the other ones she had in mind were really cute too, but i was pretty stoked when she said yes.

since there was a fairly giant star wars convention going on down in anaheim this past weekend, i had a lot of people i didn't know hitting "like" when i posted that on social media.  pretty good timing, eh?

all is quiet on the cookie front for the next couple of weeks.  of course, that's when i get the most last-minute requests - and that's totally fine with me.  bring it on!

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