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Monday, April 13, 2015

last stop at pretend city

spring break 2015, check!

we did a pretty good job of keeping the bean occupied and happy all week long.  on monday, we met up with one of her classmates at the movie theater to see "home."  tuesday, playdate with another school friend.  and then on wednesday, the teen and i took her here:

we've been to pretend city a handful of times (looking at those links is comical, especially after you look at the pictures in this post - she was so little!).  it's a great place for kids to learn about all sorts of things, from art to grocery shopping to playing "dentist" and "doctor."  the bean adores this place, although as we looked around, it hit me that she's pretty much aged out of it.  we were surrounded by toddlers and preschoolers, and this is likely our last visit here.  as you can see, the teen won't be too upset about that:

as for the bean, she had a ball.  you know you're in the OC when even the pretend grocery store is stocked with nothing but organic products:

she happily grilled us a "steak."

rock star!

see what i mean?  she looks like the jolly green giant in this thing.

and in the water play area, too.

why do kids think crutches are so much fun?

she earned her "paycheck" by turning in her stamped timecard here.

oh, but don't let that surly look on the teen's face fool you, though.  she had her share of fun too.

and so did i.

the end.


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