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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

rolling on through spring break

because the bean still had her extracurricular activities even while on spring break, i gave her a choice between two local activities - bowling or a trip to the roller skating rink.  the latter is a little further away, so i was happy when she decided on this:

since most of the nearby school districts had already had their break, we pretty much had the bowling alley to ourselves.

i love watching her bowl.  it's comical.  although she did really well this trip - there were a good number of frames where she didn't even need the bumpers to keep the ball out of the gutter.

i had a couple of decent games myself.  anytime i have a final score of at least 100, i call it a good bowling day.

and to celebrate the successful outing, she got a treat after we'd turned in our smelly rental shoes.

i better make sure i start a list of stuff to do...summer's coming and we'll have a whole lot more than one measly week to cram full of activities.  school ends in less than seven weeks.  ACK!!

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