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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

hips don't lie

okay, so i had my post-challenge stats done last week.  i guess i hadn't even really looked very closely at the numbers last time, and i'm thinking that at the very least, the waist and hip measurements were taken from different spots.  because, i mean...yeah, i feel a difference in how my clothes fit and stuff, but there's just no way this is totally accurate:

see what i mean?  i just can't believe that i lost SEVEN inches from my waist.  and another five from my hips?  oh, and of course the chest area went down too.  of course.  however, i'm happy to see my BMI go down a bit, as well as my body fat percentage.  and look!  my body age actually matches my real age now!

while i went a little nuts with the easter candy on sunday, and might have indulged in some movie treats with the bean yesterday, i'm going to get myself back on track with the food.  i don't want to fall back into the old junk food trap, but i'm also not going to deny myself a treat now and then.  keeping processed foods out of the house was a good thing, and one that i hope i can continue to do from here on out.

i'm gonna call this a successful 60 days.

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