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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

taking a dump

i was walking the bean in to class one morning when i noticed that the bulletin board outside of her room had been updated.  hers was easy for me to spot, since i recognized her handwriting:

an exciting list, indeed.  that's quite the summer she's eyeing.  i'm not too sure if we'll be able to hit any of those things, but i suppose we'll just have to wait and see.

her art school had their annual showcase recently.  it happened to fall on a day when we were just hanging out at home doing random chores, and all of a sudden she popped up and said "oh no, did we miss my art show??"  a quick peek at my calendar told me that it was the final hour, and we all jumped up and threw some decent clothes on to head out and give her artwork the attention it deserved.  we managed to get there just in time for the last raffle drawing, have her face painted and take a look at the displays.

a ton of lemons on our tree in the back yard had me scrambling to find something to do with them.  and with my recent renewed addiction to starbucks, i remembered that there was a recipe i wanted to try - a copycat of their super delicious lemon loaf cake.  it was an easy one to make, and now i'll never buy theirs again.

the bean cracked me up one morning when i walked out to find her doing this:

i just don't know where she gets it.

speaking of the bean, she's become my little helper when it comes to one of my least favorite cookie making tasks - bagging up the finished product.  she's pretty good at tying bows, which is super helpful for me.

after camporee this weekend, i got the email that said our cookie sale prizes were finally available for pick-up.  with 13 girls who'd kicked some serious butt during cookie season, i headed out to our service unit manager's house (conveniently close to me) and picked up a gigantic box that yielded this cornucopia of fun - samoa-themed water bottles, clipboards, stuffed animals, hats and pillows, plus cookie-themed bandanas, t-shirts and piggy banks.  the girls are going to be super excited when they get their care packages - although maybe not as much as mollydog was to poke through the pile: 

between her job and spending time with her special friend, the teen is so rarely home and available to hang out anymore.  i miss her.

we did get a big laugh one evening when we ordered burrito bowls online from chipotle, though.

the shenanigans never end around here, people.  the house of wan = fun house forever.

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