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Monday, January 25, 2016

cookie season is upon us

it feels like girl scout cookie season just ended.  and yet...here we go again!

on friday, i went to our local cookie cupboard to help out with the initial delivery to be sorted and distributed to all of our local troops.  i can't remember why i missed this last year, but it was pretty fun to help out and get all up in the mix.  and because i remembered what a pain in the ass it was last time to lug all those cases by hand, i made a quick trip to home depot to pick up a foldable hand truck first.

the cupboard is located in a small industrial park not too far from home.  it wasn't hard to find once you got to the right place.

along with a bunch of other leaders and volunteers, we busted our asses sorting through the 30+ troop orders, setting them all aside and getting them ready for easy pick-up throughout the day.  once our order was ready, we loaded them up.  with over 260 cases just for our girls, it took three separate cars to get them all packed up.

back at our meeting place, the cases were all unloaded and then sorted by a few of our parents who were able to come and help us out.  then we set up 20 separate stations, each consisting of three cases of samoas and thin mints, two cases of tagalongs, and one case each of savannah smiles, do-si-dos, trefoils and rah rah raisins, plus 3 boxes of the gluten-free toffeetastics.

amazingly, all but one set of cookies were picked up by the time our regular meeting began at 6:30 that evening.  we reminded everyone not to start selling until sunday, and wished them all good luck.

yesterday, after blasting on social media as much as possible without being obnoxious (i hope!), the bean and i loaded up that hand truck and headed out to try our hand at door-to-door sales for the first time.  we never got around to trying it last year, so she was excited and a little nervous.

we were out there for about an hour.  i gave her a basic script to use:  she introduced herself, explained why she was there, and ended it with "how many boxes would you like?"  she got a ton of compliments on her costume and ended up selling 27 boxes and accepting a donation for one box.  not too bad for an hour's work, and she was so proud of herself.

i have to say, though, that i was really disappointed to see a handful of people who basically shut their door in her face.  i mean, she was being really polite and still made sure to say "thank you, have a nice day" to everyone, but come on - why is it necessary to be such an asshole to a little kid?  ugh.  i don't think it dampened her spirits for more than a few seconds after each incident, but i was really disgusted.  ugh.

anyway...so hey, if you're local and want some delicious girl scout cookies, let us know!  we'll deliver personally.  and if you don't like cookies or are feeling particularly generous, we are happy to accept donations that will go towards buying boxes of cookies that get distributed to local charities.  we even take credit cards!

after all...can you say no to this face?

i sure can't.  i'm personally already a box and a half in.  ahhhhhh yeah!

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  1. 3 tagalongs and 3 thin mints please! to be picked up Tuesday! Thx, Girl scouts!


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