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Monday, January 11, 2016

cookie throwback inside

it's been awhile since i did a cookie roundup, and a monday morning seems like a good time to do it.  that's about as good a time as any, right?

and while i'm here, i'm going to share my annoyance with the post office right now.  these cookies went out to someone who comes to me on a pretty regular basis.  now, with all the excitement of the holidays and packing up for our trip to big bear, they'd kind of slipped my mind, and i didn't have the right cutter that i needed to do them properly.  so i found a local place that made a custom cookie cutter for me in one day, which was a godsend.  i'd actually ordered the one i wanted, paid for expedited shipping, only to find that they weren't going to actually ship it until the day i needed to have the cookies completed.  bah!  so i actually have two cutters for hot air balloons now.  they turned out really cute, though:

keeping in mind that friday was a holiday, i packed them up and shipped them out on tuesday for a party on sunday.  i paid the $25 for priority 2-day mail, and the email with the tracking number that i received said they'd be delivered on thursday.  perfect.  i figured that even if it were delayed and arrived on saturday, that would still work out fine.

except it didn't.  tracking the package on saturday still only showed it having gone out from my post office - nothing else.  they called the post office on their end, and they were absolutely no help at all.  and of course, the cookies showed up on monday - a day after the party.  ugh.

the post office was no help at all.  it isn't "guaranteed," they said.  there are no refunds, they said.  sorry that happened, they said.  well, you know what i said, and it definitely wasn't happy.  fedex from now on it is.

shake it off.  shake it off.

so anyway...here's the other fun cookies i've done since the last cookie round-up.  these were for a friend who was participating in something for her local firefighters:

i guess this is kind of what i wanted to tell the post office, huh?  no, actually, these were really fun to make and i was pretty proud of how they turned out.

these were for a friend i've known for a full decade and yet had never actually met in person until i delivered these.  crazy, huh?  we met online while we were wedding planning and were so happy to finally connect in real life.  she treated party guests at a surprise shindig for her husband to these.

i didn't even realize i had the cookie monster cutter in my stash until someone hit me up for these.  funny what you find when you actually take the time to look.

these probably look familiar since i've done similar ones before.

and here are the only christmas cookies i got to do this year.  i think it's mostly because a lot of folks like to do their own cookies at christmas, which i totally get.  oh, speaking of which, facebook reminded me that we used to do them only once a year too!  check out what i turned out six years ago:

comedy.  a bit of a difference from the ones i did last month:

just like i keep telling the bean...you gotta practice!  they're not "perfect," but they're a hell of a lot better than before.

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