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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

snacks snacks snacks snacks snacks snacks!

so the old lady and i signed up for a really fun new subscription box service.  this one, though, isn't beauty or make-up related at all.  no, no, this one is called skoshbox - a cute little box filled with all sorts of super fun japanese snacks!  i found it via the official pocky instagram account, when they announced that the december box was going to feature my most favorite snacks of all time.  i signed up right away, and just a few weeks later i received this in the mail:

the snacks are carefully wrapped inside a layer of tissue sealed with their cute origami logo printed on a kraft paper sticker:

and inside, i found this:

yes, they have some funny sounding names for their snacks.  but whatever, dude - they're delicious!  i mean, you can't really go wrong with treats made by glico, makers of pocky.

and each box comes with a little brochure that tells you exactly what everything is.  since a lot of it is labeled only in japanese, this is pretty important.

the café au lait sandwich cookies were really tasty.

and the mini cones were light and crunchy and left me wanting about a dozen more.

the old lady and i pretty much mowed right through the entire box over the course of one "general hospital."

our second box arrived last week, and we managed to hold off for a few days before we broke it open.

let's go through it, shall we?  first up:  a little package of cherry-flavored gummy snacks.  these went right to the old lady, since cherry is one of my least favorite flavors.

the description for these corn puff sticks said they were "grilled chicken skewer flavored."  i was torn between "ewwww" and "RIP IT OPEN," and went for it.

i made a really inappropriate comment about what it looked like before i took a bite and found that it was SO SO SO SO DELICIOUS. the old lady was seriously so lucky that i gave her the other one to enjoy.  holy crap, i'm drooling just thinking about it.  NEED MOAR.

the next bag contained what looked like salad croutons.  the brochure said they were "crispy sugar rusk cubes."

there were peanuts in the bag too, and we liked these a lot.

this package said it contained "mouth-staining color soda gum."  neither of us was really ready for that madness, so we've set it aside for another day.

but this "chewy cola flavored soft candy stick" looked promising.  i split it in half and we sniffed it like...well, we sniffed it really hard.  and it smelled just like OG hello kitty candy.

it was a little hard at first, but kind of like a tootsie roll once it softened up.  tasted just like it smelled, and we liked it.

we saved the best for last - double chocolate panda face cookies!

each one had a different little face on it, and they were all super cute.  but even more importantly, they're really yummy.  and packaged adorably (although i didn't get a picture because i was too busy stuffing my face).

i totally saved those pictures in my phone so that we could head to our local japanese supermarket and see if we can find more of the snacks we liked best.  this box was a total win, and i can't wait to see what we get next month!

is it super bad that we've somehow managed to do our snack sampling after the bean has gone to bed...both times?   that's kind of mean, huh?  maybe next month we'll have to be sure and crack it open after dinner and share it with her.



  1. Why did I read this? I think I need to sign up RIGHT NOW. I'm trying to cut out processed foods/snacks, but there goes that new year's resolution. Thanks, dude.

  2. you should get a commission! I just signed up!


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