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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

a plethora of performances

with the holiday season comes the flurry of christmas programs.  the bean has already participated in three performances of some sort, all within the last week.  first up was the annual "christmas sing," which includes all the elementary grade classes (TK-5th).  the kids were to wear christmas colors, and from previous experience i knew that anything i found at target would also be seen on at least one or more kids.  and so to avoid unintentional twinning, i whipped out a quick top for her using some fabric i'd been hoarding since last christmas.

i don't typically ask what song(s) they're preparing for these programs ahead of time, because i like to be surprised.  heh.  and i was really impressed with what she and her class did when they hit the stage - "silent night" in sign language.

they were almost as proud of themselves as we all were.

the next morning, we got up early and headed out to the village for the annual christmas parade.  she's participated for several years with different groups, like cheer and girl scouts.  this time, she was walking with the school choir.

and then last night was the choir's christmas concert.  the kids all have matching outfits for choir performances, and it was the first time this year that they got to bust 'em out.  black dresses for the girls, white shirts and ties for the boys.  they all looked very spiffy.

this is the last week of school before a two-week break.  i can't believe how fast the season is flying by...but then again, i'm pretty sure i say that every year.


  1. o.k. I have to ask. . . how the heck did you get the climbing shoes on the elf?

    1. did you buy the kit too? you just untie them, pull the socks out of the boot, put the elf's legs in the sock and push it back into the boot.


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