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Monday, December 12, 2016

even more elfette shenanigans

so pixie is continuing to entertain on a daily basis (HOW many more days till christmas eve??).  with the help of a fun idea book that came with a bunch of props, the elfette has managed to return every morning doing something new.

here, she had an outfit change and brought a message straight from the big man himself:

the next morning, she was just hanging around.

it ain't a good house party without mickey and mojo jojo.

testing out her new climbing boots.

i wonder if she'd hold barbie's hair if she needed it.

a little encouragement for cheer practice after school.

the bean was particularly amused at this one.  plus, when you look closely it looks like she's pooping.

the tooth fairy wasn't feeling it and made pixie deliver the goods after the bean unexpectedly lost a tooth.

and she kicked off sunday funday by hitching a ride on a passing reindeer while out walking the dogs.

twelve more days to go.  will i survive??

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  1. O.K. I have to ask. . . how the heck did you get the climbing shoes on the elf??


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