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Thursday, December 22, 2016

'tis the season

i can't believe christmas is just days away.  although we HAVE been listening to christmas music on the radio for over a month now, and our christmas decorations have been up for weeks.

this weekend, we met up with some friends to see a local ballet company's production of "the nutcracker."

the hub, not knowing what he'd signed up for, was super stoked.  /sarcasm

i swear i told him what we were going to see.  he said he'd heard of it but didn't realize it was a ballet... "so they prance around across the stage for two hours?"  yep.  pretty much.  sorry, yo.  but he stuck it out, didn't even call for an uber at intermission, and when it was over we managed to catch some of the dancers on our way out.

while he went off to work at the lounge later that evening, i got to take a fun christmas photo with my girls.

you can see how excited molly was about her sweater.

and i even managed to get some sewing in that evening.  along with a couple of other things, i tried out this "sloppy top beanie" pattern (yes, i know that name just isn't right)...a beanie with a hole at the top meant to accommodate a ponytail or a messy bun.  i love it, but the girls were pretty horrified at the thought of me wearing it out in public.

it was a pretty good day.

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