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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

science + pixar = fun for most

my friends and i were lucky enough to find a sunday in december that worked for all of our schedules to get us and our kids together for our sorta-annual GTG.  we missed it last year because of the usual holiday craziness, so we were determined to make it happen this year.  first up, brunch in the flower district at poppy + rose.

my eggs benedict was pretty delicious, especially washed down with a bottle of mexican coke.

when everyone's bellies were full, we hopped back into the cars and headed over to the california science center to check out the "science of pixar" exhibit.

you have to buy a ticket with a specific time on it for this event, and once you get through the line and into the door, you find yourself sitting at a bench watching an introductory movie.  being a pixar production, it's cute and entertaining and then you're ready to go inside and check things out.

the room is broken up into different sections that explain all of the steps that it takes to bring a pixar movie to life.  i was pretty enthralled by it all and took a bunch of super random pictures throughout the whole thing.

 and of course, there were lots of characters sprinkled around the space.

and in another room there was more stuff, but the kids were pretty much over it by then.

we moms would have liked to hang out longer and read through all the stuff, but it wasn't happening.  guess we'll have to go back some other time - which isn't a bad idea anyway, considering the old lady really wanted to see this exhibit too.  oh well.  we headed through the exit:

and found ourselves dumped into a gift shop in true disney style.

these backpacks were super cute though, and i had to restrain myself from picking one up.

 we snagged a "moms" group photo:

and then dragged the kids over for one of them, too.  as you can see, the request wasn't exactly met with enthusiasm...but we got smiles anyway, forced as they were.

the funniest thing was that they seemed to be happiest outside, where they could run around and play some silly game they made up on the spot.

it was really great to get us all together, and hopefully it won't be a full year till we swing it again.

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