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Friday, December 2, 2016

year five, week one

so that little imp pixie has been up to all sorts of shenanigans since she resurfaced again on thanksgiving.  in fact, as soon as she reappeared that night, she moved into her next spot without skipping a beat...just in time for the bean to find her the next morning.

she had to use the force the next day during an intense game of connect four with lord vader himself.

after that, she decided to blow off some steam and busted out some hawaiian rolls to feed the ducks.

"thank you, good night!"

the world's smallest rubik's cube is no match for this elfette.

this is what happens when awoken in a panic at 2am and realizing she hasn't moved anywhere yet.

and it sure looks like pixie is a big tsum tsum fan too, because she brought this for the bean to start the christmas countdown:

one week down, three to go.  god help me.

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