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Monday, December 5, 2016

celebrating 11 years

can you believe wan-niversary 11.0 has come and gone?  sheesh.

and while 11 isn't necessarily any sort of magic milestone, it's still something to celebrate.  duh.  i mean, even when we were in the throes of operation downsize we managed to find a way to do something special together.

this year, we kicked it off with family brunch at one of our local favorite spots (which is actually the only decent place in town for brunch).

from there, we hit up our favorite lot to pick out this year's christmas tree.

she was pretty excited when we finally settled on one...and her shirt says it all.

i'm pretty stoked too, because for the first time ever i got my way and we're having the tree lightly flocked with sparkly fake snow.  it's getting delivered later today and i can't wait.

anyway, after that we headed out west and did a little wandering around santa monica's third street promenade.

it was fun to browse through the shops and watch the street performers.  it'd been a really long time since we'd been there, so we grabbed some tea at coffee bean and strolled casually up and down the street.  sunday funday indeed.

a few hours later, we hopped back in the car and made our way towards malibu, catching a pretty fantastic sunset along the way.

here's where we had our anniversary dinner:

we ordered some drinks and appetizers in the bar as we waited for our table to be ready.  the rock shrimp tempura in creamy spicy sauce is TO DIE FOR.  so good.

the girls and i went outside to look around and watch the ocean for a few minutes.

the food just got better when we got to our table.  we started off with some yellowtail jalapeño sashimi:

some "new style sashimi" - lightly seared salmon in a soy-based sauce.

black cod with miso:

ribeye steak with truffle butter sauce.

crispy brussels sprouts.  these were amazing.

this is what 11 years looks like:

for dessert, the hub opted for the blueberry tart:

the old lady had dulce de leche tart:

and my bento box had a warm chocolate lava cake with green tea ice cream.  the bean opted for just a scoop of the ice cream in a bowl.

when we got home, i attempted to put my dress on and had a little difficulty trying to zip it up by myself.

luckily, my groom came to my rescue.

and yeah...i twirled.

come on now.  you didn't think i was gonna let the day go by without it, did you?


  1. Happy anniversary once again! Love.

  2. Happy anniversary! You guys don't look much different than you did when you got married. You certainly seem just as happy as you were back then, though!!


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