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Monday, November 15, 2010

aiming high

i'm halfway through NaBloPoMo!  i can't believe i'm actually finding shit to talk about seven full days a week.  heh.  narcissism at its best.

so, i'm still determined to make my own dress for the JLP's annual formal fundraiser - the chocolate chip ball.  it isn't till april, and although i haven't made a "real" garment in a while (the tutus don't count), i feel pretty confident in my sewing skills to tackle the project.

i've been halfheartedly searching the internet for style ideas, hoping to find something simple and classic-looking.  i still love that kate spade LBD i wore last christmas to the hub's client dinner, and i thought maybe i could find a really basic silhouette that could be dressed up with a beautiful fabric and some cool accessories.

i think this vintage vogue pattern could be awesome:

or maybe this one:

but then amazon, in its infinite wisdom, sent me an e-mail (computer-generated based upon my wish list and other orders, i know) showcasing some really cool-looking party dress sewing books.  this one hadn't been released yet, but looked quite promising.

and then i noticed that it was being offered as a 3-book package (how very convenient, amazon!), along with these two:

unlike the first book, which included a pattern for the basic dress style pictured on the cover, these two offered detailed instructions on how to build a "block" - basically, a pattern that you make according to your specific measurements.  and then you use that basic block to create patterns for four different styles - all custom-made based on your body.

i hit "add to cart" and then remembered that i have free amazon prime for god knows how long, because i signed up as an "amazon mom."  yes!  i submitted my order on saturday and got the last two by monday, with the first one ON the release date.  sweet!

now, let's hope i can put 'em to good use.  not only do i have the ball coming up, but my cousin r's wedding - i'm the matron of honor (ew, that sounds so...OLD) and she already gave me her blessing to make my own dress if i want to.

yup, i live an exciting life, huh?


  1. um.
    i wouldn't mind if you sewed a dress for me.
    if i bought material and paid you.
    that would be fabulous.

  2. So fun! I wish I knew how to sew. I'd be making dresses for myself all day long :) Can't wait to see what you make!


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