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Friday, November 26, 2010

the JLP is on team jacob

so although today is "black friday" - the official start of the holiday shopping season - those of us in the junior league actually kicked it off last week at our annual fundraiser at jacob maarse in pasadena.

i was peeking at last year's jacob maarse extravaganza and was amused at the similarities between the photos i took then and now.  wow, i'm kind of predictable.  oh, well.

this was also where i'd met my buddy onesipkim last year, when we were both newbies in the whole JLP thing.  she and a couple of other girls and i bought our tickets together, to take advantage of a group discount, and it seemed i was one of the first to arrive.

i signed in, slapped on my name tag, and selected a party favor from the basket of ornaments.

this little fella greeted me as i stepped into the winter wonderland that awaited me inside.

i'd admired these sparkly trees last year, when they were available in three different sizes (and i had nowhere to put them).  i made sure to pick one up this time.

of course, my stupid face made an appearance.

the party was set up in the rear of the store, through this lovely arch, just like last time.

the cookbook committee had brought not only the two current offerings from our league, but a selection of books from leagues across the country as well.  i've heard that these make fabulous gifts.

elements kitchen, a local eatery, was on hand to provide the grub.  and it was quite a spread.

that truffled mac & cheese was to. die. for.  so delicious.

i found a few of the girls already munching on the eats, along with one of the co-chairs of my committee.  she was looking fabulous as always, and we all admired her pretty jewelry - disco balls on her ears and on a long chain.

as expected, there were lots of lovely flowers everywhere.

although i didn't partake (as usual), the gallo winery was present to provide most other JLPers' favorite part of gatherings:

i always crack up to see the crowd that gathers at the wine table:

compared to the table with the non-alcoholic beverages.

when OSK finally joined us, we laughed at her double-fisted ways.

and then she and i giggled like little girls at one of the others who'd somehow ended up with her name tag in a rather...unique location.  this picture is so fuzzy because i just couldn't stop laughing long enough to snap the shot.

the pasadena outlook was on hand to take photos of the event, and gathered a group of us to smile pretty for the camera.  she paused to write our names down, and then i managed to get a quick shot in to share.

then it was time to do some shopping before we gabbed the entire night away without taking advantage of our 10% off discount.

i must really find these scented tassels interesting, since i took the same picture last year.  maybe it's amazement over the fact that they charge forty dollars for the damn things.

of course, there's also this ornament, yours for a mere sixty bucks.

this thing would give me awful nightmares.  i don't understand why anyone would choose to have this thing in their house.

miss congeniality and i dug this happy looking santa, though.

aside from my sparkly tree, though, i just couldn't find a whole lot that i liked enough to put in the house.  a lot of the goods here are super ornate, and just not our style.  but i'm sure i'll come again next year and give it another shot.  i'm just a sucker like that.


  1. I have a friend from Peak 10 that was there (per her FB status.) Wonder if you know her.... Remind me over email and I'll give you her name.

  2. This stuff is totally NMS but looks like it's still a fun event! We have some very similar sparkly trees (but in silver) from C&B :)


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