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Thursday, November 4, 2010

paparazzi, cha cha cha

being the ultimate procrastinator. i'd put off calling in an appointment for the teen to have her make-up done until, oh, about two days before.  oops.  and of course, every MAC counter and store within 20 miles was booked solid - save one at macy's.  all the way out in rancho cucamonga.  ugh.  but they had an opening at 1:00, which was perfect, so i took it.

after gymnastics, we had enough time to swing home, grab a few things, and head on out to the IE.  i pulled in to the parking lot and sent the teen in, as we'd gotten there right on time, and then found a parking spot and busted out the stroller.  as the bean and i are wheeling in, i get a text from the teen:

"they have no appointment for me."  what. the. fuck.  i was livid.  but i had no time to argue - we were on a pretty tight schedule, with her hair appointment back at home at 2:30, and the limo arriving at our house at 5.  shit.

we made our way to sephora, where we weren't surprised to find that they were also booked solid, and headed back to macy's to find a different cosmetics counter.  i thought maybe benefit might be a good pick - at least a bit more teen-friendly than, say, lancome or clinique.  and as luck would have it, the girl at the counter was willing to take her right away.  phew.

the bean and i took off to kill the hour, wandering into random shops, grabbing a pretzel, and riding the "choochoomonga train."

when i got the text from the teen that said she was all done, we hightailed it back and found her with a full face of make-up on.

we raced back to glendora, with her receiving frantic "where ARE you??" texts all the way, and dropped her off at the salon while i took the bean home to take a nap. 

when she got home with rock-ell and softballa, they were in a tizzy to put the final touches on their ensembles for the evening.  it was a whirl of hairspray, chiffon, and perfume all up in the house as they frantically got themselves together, and i stayed way out of the way as the teen railed about how she wasn't thrilled with her hair.  oy vey.  and amazingly, the bean managed to stay fast asleep in her room through all of the hullaballoo.

before i knew it, the hub and MIL had arrived - at the same time as the fourth musketeer, meow.  uh, and her parents.  the first set of many, many folks i'd never met before.  and in no time, my house was full of people, a good 80% of whom i'd never laid eyes on prior to that day.  it was super bizarre.  there were six couples going together to the dance, and that meant twelve sets of proud family members, armed with enough photographic equipment to rival paparazzi at any red carpet premiere.

this is the teen with her cousin, who's a junior at the school (but not attending the dance).

we had the kids stage a fake corsage/boutonniere photo op - i say "stage" because most of them didn't know how to put the damn things on.

awwww, don't they look cute?  i spent a lot of time biting my tongue, but letting a few "stand up straight!"s and "don't slouch!"es slip.  yeah, i was that kind of mom.

the photo shoot continued.

the teen and rock-ell got a little silly, relieved to finally be past the getting-ready stress.

finally, the limo arrived.  this turned out to be slightly stressful in itself, as the driver said he'd only been contracted to pick them up, take them to dinner, drop them off at the dance, and then bring them back home.  the kids' dream of cruising out to hollywood for some sightseeing was completely smashed to smithereens.  apparently, they'd taken so long to decide what they wanted to do (originally, they wanted to head to downtown disney, then to santa monica, and couldn't make up their minds) that no one had bothered to contact the limo company and make sure it was added into the itinerary.  and then i found it slightly shady that he was juggling the kids with a wedding party on the same night.  um, what?  and later i learned that FIL had greeted him when he'd arrived, only to be handed a big trash bag and asked to help clean the limo out - that wedding party's personal effects (like purses, wraps, etc.) had been strewn all across the seats and he was asked to just scoop it all up into the bag.

how pissed off would YOU be if you were that wedding party and learned that your stuff, which you'd thought was safe and secure, had been handled by somebody you didn't know?  hell no.  i wish i'd had a way to contact that bride and groom.  i'd totally have filled 'em in.  in any case, i texted the teen immediately and told her to tell everyone not to leave shit in the limo, lest the driver feel the need to clear it away while he chauffeured the wedding party around.

anyway, we finally ushered the kids out to the front so we could take some shots by the limo.  a hummer limo, no less.

more silliness.

this was my brilliant idea.  heh.

and then it was time to go.

a final shot from inside, and then they took off.

later, the teen checked in with the hub.  she said that the dance itself was super lame and that as much as they tried to sweet-talk him, the driver wouldn't budge about driving them out to hollywood.  but after a few words with the hub, he magically acquiesced.  i'm sure there was some cha-ching involved, but he wouldn't tell me exactly how much.  "i'm a sucker for her," was all he said.  awwwww.

the four musketeers were all spending the night, and MIL thought it would be a good idea to order a pizza to be delivered just before they were due home.  "you know how girls are - they probably didn't want to eat in front of the boys."  and remembering my own anti-grubbing policy back in high school, i agreed and placed the order. 

the limo pulled up just after midnight, emptying a carload of happy, relaxed teens.  the girls hobbled in, complaining of aching feet from the high heels they were unaccustomed to.  well, except for the teen, who'd worn glittery flats that went perfectly with her dress (and didn't make her taller than her date).  i'd warned her that she'd be miserable in heels, and for once she listened.  heh.

i was rather dismayed to note that only one parent had bothered to arrive on time to pick their kid up.  in fact, the last kid wasn't actually picked up until almost 1:00.  sheesh.  i'd only ordered one pizza, so i just kept it in the oven until just the four girls were left.  i felt bad, but hadn't anticipated feeding the whole group.  oh, well.

all in all, they'd had a fantabulous time and chattered about it nonstop until well past the time i finally dragged my tired ass to bed. 

i wonder what'll be next.


  1. Your hub's "I'm a sucker for her" comment is the sweetest thing ever! I still remember how my stepDad came home early and brought me flowers on the afternoon of my prom, 'cause my Mom had told him I was in tears over my hair (we had to re-do it after having it done at the salon). Your Teen will remember your hub for this too!

    P.S. The teen's dress was by far the cutest dress of the bunch!!!

  2. ahh!! i tried posting but my connection went out, so i will try again.

    a.) the teen looks absolutely gorgeous! i'm inspired to do an updo just for fun. i can't believe she's grown up so fast. ahh i just want to pinch her cheeks...whoa. slow down turbo...

    b.) this may be the hormones talking, but the part when the hub says that he's a sucker for the teen literally made my eyes well up. like really? what the heck is wrong with me?

    c.) new layout! woohoo!!

    love you cousin!

  3. * I really love the pictures you got of the teen putting on mascara and sitting on the floor. Very photojournalistic shots reminiscent of weddings. I like!

    * Love her dress! So sweet and girly, but still trendy. She did good!

    * I'm glad she took your advice re: flats. I think they looked super cute on her and you know she was giggling inside when everyone else was bitching about their feet. Ha!

    Sounds like a fabulous night all around. :)

  4. So cute! Glad it went well. The teen looked so pretty! And good job on wearing flats, she's a smart cookie!

    I so cannot imagine Maya one day going to formals. Sigh!

  5. she looked absolutely beautiful. and i totally loved her dress the most of the whole group.

    sounds like the night was pretty amazing and a perfect end. (other than the ghetto ass parent picking up their kid late..i hate that!!)

    also- loving the new look on the bloggy blog muy cute ;)

  6. The Teen looked beautiful as did all her friends... looks like she had a really fun night. Great job Mom and Dad! :)

  7. Ahhh! The teen looked GORGE. I totally want her dress to wear like tomorrow. Is that bad?

    Bravo on the hair and makeup. <3

  8. I love that she wore flats, that's so smart! She's like to have such a smart mama!

  9. Ditto to all the comments above - love that she wore flats...

    On a sidenote - they do it big for homecoming now - i remember when it was in the gym after the game...hmmm i might have just dated myself

  10. Teen Apo looks fantabulous! Beautiful face, oh-so-grown-up hairdo, lovely dress.
    Everybody looks good, but she's the best looking girl if you ask me! Don't grow up tpo fast!

  11. (So strange. I could've sworn I left a comment on this yesterday.)

    So pretty! Loved her dress, too!

  12. I totally tried the teen's dress on in the junior department at a local store. I see now why it is meant for juniors as it looks fabulously adorable on her. On my slightly older body it barely covered my butt and looked less than attractive.

  13. Still cant believe that is the little 3 year old that used to come into work...so pretty! Kiss her in front of her friends for me ;)
    and so funny...i thought the same thing as you, "stand up straight" good thing she didnt have us both there to tell her!

  14. The teen looked so pretty! Love her choice of dress. Two thumbs up for your husband. He's definitely a keeper.

  15. The teen looks gorgeous!! I love the color of the dress and the hair and the make-up! Beautiful! And what a smart lady to wear flats!



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