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Saturday, November 20, 2010

too dirrrty for me

i keep forgetting to share another food truck chasing experience i had, and i'd been so stoked over it.  well, when am i not excited about food?  heh.

one day after my shift at dots was over, i checked my twitter feed and noticed that the coolhaus truck, serving up delicious gourmet ice cream sandwiches, was scheduled to make a stop in east pasadena - right across from whole foods.  i needed to stop there for something anyway, and it was on my way home.  it was totally meant to be!  yippee!

there was only one other guy there in front of me, ordering a boxful of treats to take home to his family.  we chatted about other food trucks we'd sampled, and found that we shared a love for the hawaiian shave ice from the getshaved truck.  ain't nothing like food to bring people together.

i perused the menu and was a little bummed that they didn't have the candied bacon ice cream i'd enjoyed so much at the unique l.a. show a few months ago.

instead, i decided to try something new and ordered the "dirty mint chip" flavor sandwiched between two fresh, thick chocolate cookies.

i was one happy camper.

the final verdict:  i keep forgetting that i seem to prefer artificial versions of some flavors.  like, one time i ordered some fresh squeezed grape juice at brunch, and it was gross.  it tasted like i'd just stuffed a handful of grapes in my mouth (i know, i know, DUH.  what did i expect?) instead of the "grape juice" flavor i'm used to out of a bottle of welch's.  anyway, the "dirty" part of the flavor meant that the ice cream was studded with fresh mint leaves, and it kind of ruined the treat for me.  no me gusta.

the cookies were good, though.  yay?


  1. I didn't like the dirty mint chip chocolate ice cream either. It was not good. I was so excited to try it too. I guess I'm like you and I prefer the artical mint.

  2. OMG I must try out this food truck. I love ice-cream and I love cookies.

  3. I love mint chip, but I don't think I want real mint leaves in my ice cream. Only in my mojitos tyvm. ;)

  4. dude. that's my fave. but i LOOOOVE real mint. they've come and give out free ones at school a couple of times (their kitchen/warehouse is just down the block, and a school friend of mine is/was kind of involved in the business).


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