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Thursday, November 11, 2010

rocket fizz-le

so after the fun evening at onesipkim, i headed out to my fabulous parking spot right in front and spied this fun-looking shop right across the street:

OSK had told me about it a while back, but i'd forgotten all about it.  and when i realized that it wasn't too late, i skipped right over to check it out.

oh mah gah, i didn't know what to look at first.  it was totally the result of galco's and willy wonka doing the nasty - every kind of soda known to man, plus a dizzying assortment of sweets.

truly, it was incredible.  they carry a crapload of imported candy.  fantastic, not-available-in-the-states japanese kit kats:

an old favorite that the teen and i both love, complete with edible wrapper:

i've not tried this, but the name of it always makes me snicker:

and my beloved hello kitty is represented, too.

there's nostalgic candy (i love me some valomilks, but they're not easy to find):

an incredibly vast selection of imported british candy:

i always wonder what about this candy bar is so "not for girls." hmph.

and a couple of items that make me think of one of my favorite twirlies.

predictably, mr. wonka is present:

and there are a few silly novelties too, like this:

i managed to get out of there $6.37 later, with just one package of imported kit-kats and a couple of british candy bars that i'd forgotten i liked.  but i predict a return visit - likely lots of them, considering how close this store is to dots.  yikes.

damn my sweet tooth, anyway.


  1. what a fun store!! there's a store similar to that one near me, but yours seems to have a much wider variety! yay for candy <3

  2. I cant believe your head didnt explode! Its almost better than one place we went to before your wedding.

  3. OMG. Those candy shops always get to me.

  4. I keep meaning to wander through there. I'm thinking it would be a great place to pick up some fun stocking stuffers.


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