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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

the bean and i were super excited to be attending mini cee's 3rd birthday party.  i knew lilcee had been plotting and planning this shindig for months (gee, i have no idea what that's like), so it was sure to be a fantastic time for all.

she'd hit me up to make some cookies to go with the theme - the birthday girl's most favoritest show ever, peppa pig.  don't know it?  yeah, it's a little obscure and can only be seen on nick jr.  i barely knew what it was, and the bean is glued to nick jr. as much as we'll let her.  of course, she knew who peppa pig was.  "she's a really cute pig, mommy, she talks kinda funny, her brother's name is george and he wears blue."  well, there you go.  anyway, i was pretty proud of how the cookies turned out:

as we were getting ready, the bean begged me to do her nails minnie mouse-style.  since her nails are about the size of a pea, it didn't take long.

when we turned onto their street, it was easy to figure out which house we were looking for.

when we got into their back yard, the bean let out an excited squeal.  "mini cee!" she shouted, and they literally ran to greet each other.  it was so cute.

lilcee had hired a bubble man to come and entertain the wee ones, and it was quite a fantastic setup.  he had pools full of bubble solution and lots and lots of wands to dip and wave in the air.  even the teen got into it.

i sat under the party tent with my friend kelley, and we chatted as we watched the kids frolic together.  they ran from bubbles to the water table and back again, and then when mr. cee came out with the life-sized piñata, i took advantage of the photo op.

then it was time to beat the shit out of peppa pig.  i'd wondered if mini cee would object to the violence towards her favorite swine, but she was happy to take the first swing.  the bean's getting pretty accustomed to this piñata thing.

peppa finally came undone at the hands of a slightly overzealous 10-ish year-old boy, and the kids scrambled to gather the goodies.

since everyone had stuffed themselves silly via the taco cart guy in the corner (oh, so delicious), lilcee whipped out the dessert table.  oh, yes.

the bean was only too happy to help me polish off a dirt cup.  this was light and really yummy.

cake time!

after devouring half of her cake sliver, the bean was only too happy to sit back and let dailygluttony's mini DG push her on the barbiemobile.

group goodbye hug!

and before we'd even hit the freeway, we had this:

sign of a successful birthday party.  oh and by the way, i already warned lilcee that i was totally stealing her bubble guy's schtick.  just watch - the bean's party is going to feature a bunch of end-of-the-season-clearance wading pools full of homemade bubble solution and gobs of bubble wands procured from target's dollar spot section.

just you wait.


  1. Best. Recap. Ever.

    So glad you guys had fun. Thank you again for the cookies. EVERYONE loved them. They were even better than I imagined.

    Between you and me, we need to get up in this business of kiddie parties and bubbles.

  2. did you know there are 3d bubbles? Just sayin'... Go partyzilla!

  3. I am still cracking up at J pushing the Bean in that ATV. LOLOL

    Can't wait to see what you come up with for Operation DIY Bubble. :)

  4. Wow, so adorable. I love all the party details. Peppa used to be a favorite of my C. Happy belated to mini Cee!


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