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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

wackadoodle bean

honestly, the bean is so silly.  and such a ham!  i suppose i know where that comes from, though.  heh.

like, this is her new go-to pose whenever i pick up the camera:

and she knows what and how to turn on when she really wants something she knows i would normally say "no" or "not right now" to.

at the dollar bins at target, she scooped this up and instructed me to take her picture as she put it on.  "turn on the camera, mommy.  you've gotta see this."

oh, and operation sneaky veggie continues.  here, she's helping me make her lunch of mini pizzas - with pureed carrot and spinach mixed into the sauce.

i'm so thankful that her favorite ice cream flavor is mint chip, because i can easily sneak in some spinach with her post-nap milkshake treats.

during our last trip to the hello kitty store, she pointed these out.  i figured they'd come in handy with her upcoming swimming lessons (since last year's run was sort of a bust, with her aversion to putting her face in the water):

i swear, this kid is such a crackup.


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