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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

cookies galore

i've been so busy doing other stuff that i haven't even had a chance to show off some of the cookies i've done lately.  and you know i've been fundraising for the teen's and my upcoming avon walk for breast cancer via cookies by the dozen again, so i've been quite the busy baking bee.

a mama-to-be asked me to make these for the shower her friends were throwing her.  using photos she sent me as inspiration, i presented her with a few dozen of these:

and then she even got me some referral business when one of her shower guests requested my information to make some tiaras in turquoise for her granddaughter's 16th birthday.

and yup, when i look at that cookie i not only see a tiara, but a rather rude hand gesture.  i sure hope no one at that party saw what i see.  geesh.

i was thrilled to have a second chance to bake for another friend - last time she had me do cookies for a party, let's just say they didn't arrive in perfect condition.  shockingly, she didn't hold it against me and asked me to make some special treats for her niece's 4th birthday.

you already saw these last week, in my recap of mini cee's birthday party.  but i loved them so much, you get another look at 'em.

we had a fun gathering to celebrate some big news for one of my favorite friends.  so of course, i had to bring some party favors for the group (and a few extras for her to take home to her family).

for a nurse's retirement party, i got to work on this fun trio.  those bingo cards are made with homemade fondant that i got to try for the very first time.  while it wasn't perfect, it was easy enough that i've vowed never to buy that store-bought stuff ever again.  not only was it a snap to make, it tastes a gazillion times better too.

i've got a few more batches of cookies coming up in the next few weeks.  lucky for me, it's still fun to do these, especially new designs that i get to play with.  and remember, if you've got an occasion that calls for cookies - because sweets make everything better - you know where to reach me.  mama's got a whole lotta fundraising to do.


  1. You are getting better and better each time I see your cookies.

    I still have Peppa on my counter. Too pretty to eat.

  2. Love the rolling stones one! I'll be needing some of those in oct for my dads bday:)


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