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Thursday, May 3, 2012

sugar-free sweet tooth satisfaction

okay, so maybe the dabbling in nail art is getting a little out of control.  heh.  i find myself watching countless youtube videos featuring tutorials for all sorts of cute designs on a regular basis nowadays.

and when i came across an easy-looking one that showed how to do cupcake-esque nails - well, you know i had to give it a shot.  my love for cupcakes is pretty legendary, and besides, i liked this girl's make-up.  yup.

so when the bean dropped off for her nap, i busted out the necessary elements:

from left to right, just for reference:

* sally hansen base coat
* sinful colors in "snow me white" and "pink forever" - i found this at target under the pricier essie and OPI polishes, with a nice variety of colors for just $1.99 a bottle
* love & beauty in "mustard" - this is from forever 21
* essie "action" and "lapis of luxury"
* zoya "kendal"
* seche vite top coat

like in the video, i painted each nail a different color.  because i knew i was going to do the upper half in white, i didn't have to be super careful about achieving total perfection.

because i'm right-handed, i tend to do that hand first to get it over with.  a fun little challenge, one might say.  i attempted the stripes of white polish to create the bottom scalloped edge, but i wasn't exactly successful.  not wanting to start over, i just went with it and figured nobody would point and laugh.  except maybe you, now that you can see where i was trying to go with it.

the last part was pretty easy.  i dabbed drops of polish onto a piece of paper (actually, the kids' H&M catalog, since the coupon inside had expired already) and took out my dotting tool to finish off my calorie-free sweet treats.

while they're definitely not as good as the original, i think they're pretty cute.  and again, i received the stamp of approval from both the teen and the bean.  one of the moms at the bean's gymnastics class noticed them, too, and pointed them out to her daughter.

"mommy, where did she get those done?" i heard her ask.

maybe i've found a new fundraising tool!

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  1. Do you have an ultraviolet lamp for drying? You know why I ask, right?


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