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Friday, April 5, 2013

angels stadium-ONT-DFW

as soon as we got home from that 5K, we sprung into action - not only did we get up early and do a race together, but we were booked on a 2:40 flight to dallas to spend easter with the ILs.

i scurried around, alternately packing and clearing away piles of stuff that always seem to accumulate throughout the house.  after i'd finally had a chance to shower and get cleaned up, i busted out some bobby pins and did the bean's hair.

she was super excited for this trip.  not only does she love going to see grandma and grandpa, this kid sure loves her some airplane rides.  such a little traveler.

getting to the airport and boarding the plane was uneventful and easy.  as always, we were stuck at the very back of the plane.  but this time, we were seated in rows of two and right in front of each other.  after takeoff, which is my very least favorite part of traveling, the frenzied activity of the day caught up with me.  at least i didn't disturb anybody with my snoring, since all the engine noise drowned it out.

you can thank the teen for that oh-so-flattering shot.  she and the bean giggled and bickered all the way to DFW.

renting a car at the dallas airport is a pain in the ass.  you have to catch a shuttle to the rental car center, and it took for-freaking-ever to get there.  so we killed time like we always do:

when we arrived at the ILs' house, we got a quick tour before heading back out to find some grub.  and what do you eat when you land in texas?  BBQ, duh.

five minutes in the lone star state and she's already got a gun in her hands.



  1. Next time you're in Dallas, you've got to try the BBQ at Pecan Lodge. It's in the food shed building at the Dallas Farmer's Market and it is SOOOOO good!

    I dragged my aunt there when I was visiting her last summer and we both agreed it was some of the best BBQ we'd had.

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