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Friday, April 12, 2013

getting the girls checked out

because i am at such an advanced age now, my doctor scheduled me to go in for something new and exciting.  guess what it was!

did you get it right?  did ya?

oh, yes.  something to mark on the calendar - wan's very first mammogram!  whee!

by the way, kaiser sure loves them some signage.  lots and lots of signs.  very informative signs.

serious glamourpuss here, folks.  nothing but the best for my boob squishing.

i'd heard lots of stories about how much mammograms hurt, so i wasn't really looking forward to it.  like, at all.  but hey - better safe than sorry, right?  and sure enough, the nurse kind of just plopped me down on this thing and then smushed the shit out of my poor boob.  twice on each side.  it looks like an innocent enough piece of machinery, right?

hmph.  when i got back into the dressing room to put my clothes on, i inspected the damage.  looks like i got beat up.

i got to fill this questionnaire out and then hand it to the lady at the front desk.

all joking aside, if you've hit 40 like i did or have family history of breast cancer, please make sure you go get your mammogram.  it lasted no more than five minutes, max.  as much of a baby as i'm being here, it really wasn't all that bad - and it's definitely worth the peace of mind.  if nothing else, make sure you check your girls monthly, like in the shower or something.  ya dig?


  1. Thanks for posting this. I think people have become a little blasé about breast cancer, because they think "oh, they can cure that now"...but early detection is the key. I lost a friend to breast cancer in January- don't want to lose any more!


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