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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

get(ting) ready to rummmmbbbbbbllllllleeeee

a few months ago, the bean surprised me with a request that kind of came out of the blue:

"mommy, i wanna do a mud run.  can you find one for me to do?"

you don't have to ask me twice.  setting a good example fitness-wise for the girls (and let's face it, the hub too) is really a big part of why i continue to work out and run on a regular basis.  i mean, sure - i love doing races and collecting bibs and medals and all that fun stuff.  but at the very core of it, my biggest motivation is to show the girls that exercise is an important part of staying healthy.  so i hopped right onto the ol' desktop to do a little research and see what i could find to fulfill the bean's desire to get down and dirty.

as luck would have it, that's exactly what i found.  the merrell down & dirty obstacle race was coming to the l.a. area, offering several options:  5K, 10K, and a kids' adventure race.  perfect.  i decided i wanted to do the 5K, and somehow managed to rope the hub into signing up with me. the teen, however, balked at the idea of getting all dirty and gross.  heh.  instead, i talked her into coming along so she could hang out with the bean while the hub and i did our thing before taking the bean for her own obstacle course.

castaic lake, the venue for the race, is about sixty miles away from home.  and since race packet pick-up  the day before was out in northridge, we decided to find a cheap hotel nearby to make things easier on us.  i didn't love the idea of getting up super early to head out there on the morning of the race, and the hub even less so.  plus, you already know how much the bean loves to stay in hotels.  and so that's how we ended up calling the embassy suites valencia home for a night.  it's just across the freeway from six flags magic mountain.  you can't tell, but there's a plethora of incredibly giant roller coasters in this picture.  i used to love that place and rode every ride i could, but now i look at those tracks and wonder what the hell possessed me to strap myself into those seats to get the shit scared out of me.  i guess i'm just too damn old for that business nowadays.

every time we check into an embassy suites hotel, i'm reminded of how nice that particular chain is.  true to its name, the room is always really spacious, with a separate living room area and a kitchenette.

this happened.  don't ask, because i don't really know.

the beds were really comfy.

loot from the bib pick-up.

before long, it was time to head out for some grub.  and whenever we're in this area, we always end up at chi chi's for pasta and pizza.  carb loading at its best.

another of the bean's drawings.  she's such a weirdo sometimes.

when we got back to the hotel, i got her into pajamas and let her jump up and down on the bed until she wore herself out.  and then off to lalaland we all went.  we all needed to rest up for the adventures coming the next day...

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