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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

crayola craziness

i keep forgetting to share this with you guys - i recently got an e-mail about a cool looking new attraction, the crayola experience.  it's totally kid-centric and full of color and crayons and imagination and all that fun kiddie stuff.  it's located in easton, pennsylvania - which is obviously not local for me, but they're doing a fun contest for a 3-night, all-expenses stay.

click here to enter - but you have to do it today!

can you imagine how much fun the bean would have with this?  she'd lose her damn mind.  and probably make faces like this:

note:  i received this information from crayola, and i'll be receiving a fun box of crayons for my time, but i shared with you because i'm cool like that.


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