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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

partyin' partyin' YEAH!

the bean's school easter party totally snuck up on me this year. i'd had grand plans to make some cute little easter bunny cookies for her class, and i just plain ol' ran out of time. oops. 

i'd actually given up on the whole idea of a class giveaway and embraced my slacker mom-ness until i walked into target and found a bunch of these on sale. rainbow peeps on a stick? excellent.  i threw together a quickie label and that was that.

i busted out my fun limited-edition shabby chic toms for the occasion.

here's the bean's party 'do:

the kids are prepping for the upcoming open house, and the teacher is really on top of things. she's already started putting up their hard work, and i got a chuckle out of this.

the first order of party business was a fun paper plate bunny craft. as she always is, the bean was super excited to show me what a good student she is.

then it was time for some real fun: hunting for easter eggs in the empty preschool playground.  armed with little bunny baskets they'd decorated themselves and the "you can each find five eggs" rule, they were set free.

their party treat was brought in by the room mom, and it was really cute. that's half of a sprinkle-covered donut with a candy bunny on it that would normally be hella creepy if he weren't so damn tasty.

i can't stop giggling at the unintentional photobomb in this shot.

i love getting to play in the classroom for these little parties. the time goes by so fast, and before I know it she'll be graduating from high school like her big sister. make it stop! 

or, at least, slow down a little.

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