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Friday, April 19, 2013

hand-drawn hilarity

you guys, the bean totally cracks me up on the regular.  at school, they've been doing a lot of work on sounding out letters in order to read and write - which she loves to practice whenever she gets the chance.  at home, she blows through an astonishing amount of paper at warp speed.  this kid loves to draw and write little notes and all sorts of awesomeness that's going to be hilarious to show her when she gets older.

like this note that she handed me before i headed out the door one evening to go out to dinner with lilcee:

translation:  "i'm gonna miss you tonight, but i hope you have a great night."  she doesn't quite have sentence structure down pat yet, so words are all over the place.  she basically fits them wherever she can squeeze 'em in.  oh, and yes - that is a picture of me and lilcee sitting at the table with our plates of delicious food in front of us.

although this looks like that godawful duckface that all the girls make in their selfies that they post on twitter and instagram, it's just what happens when she dances.  it makes us laugh everysingletime she does it, and so she decided to get it down on paper and then model it for us.

then she decided that i needed to be making the duckface too.  with a picture of myself on my t-shirt, it looks like.

this was presented to me with a flourish one night as i was making dinner.

i always read her little notes aloud when she hands them to me, and with this one i was given strict instructions to "read it like a pirate, mommy."

yes, that is indeed a picture of her own posterior.  which she is apparently quite fond of.

i'm thinking she's learning about the planets in school these days.

and she often talks about when the time will come for her to make me a grandma, to which i always reply "not for a good twenty years, my dear."

i better head to target to stock up on paper.  this stuff is cheap entertainment, yo.


  1. If your hub works in an office (and if they don't mind), I found that my budding artist had no problem drawing on the back of old letterhead, misprints (the recycle bin near the copier is usually a goldmine of blank-on-one-side stuff!), etc. :-)

  2. Love her creativity and motivation. A great chance to teach 'o' and 'oo' sounds.

  3. HA!! awesome

    and i LOVE her "duckface" so hard.

  4. My mom kept none of my masterpieces, but she still has a large stack of my brother's stuff today. Why? "His was much better."



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