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Friday, February 20, 2015

i shall call you...minnie me.

disclaimer:  i received free products in order to host the disney side @ home celebration.  the opinions expressed here are my own.

our disney side party day dawned beautiful and bright, on a sunday morning that found me awake at 6:30 despite having gone to bed at a pretty late hour the night before.  i guess the partyzilla in me will never die, huh?

as i scurried around getting last-minute prep done and picking up around the house (which really means shoving all the loose stuff into the guest room and hoping nobody opened that door by mistake), the hub got the bean going on a little vacuuming.  on roller skates, no less.

meanwhile, i'd finished what i was doing and had moved on to setting up the various activity stations at the dining table.  you know, fun stuff like nail art - with minnie-themed colors like pink, red, white and black:

cookie decorating, using the same color scheme:

tattoos and face painting crayons were at the end of the table.

and a party favor buffet.

have you seen these disney tsum tsums?  they're adorable, and we'd picked up a bunch of the mini minnie plushes for everyone to take home.

there was a lineup of fun prizes, too:

plus some kid-friendly nail polish to take home.

oh, and what's a minnie party without a set of ears to wear?

there were things for the moms to take home, too.  my disney side box had come with stacks of festively wrapped photo paper, along with some disney vacation club-sponsored luggage tags.

the living room was a crazy mixture of valentine's day decor and minnie heads hanging from the ceiling.

our front door welcomed everyone to the party:

the minnie rice krispy treats were ready to go:

and i arranged some pita chips and hummus dips in an theme-appropriate fashion.

the bean and i had cute new minnie t-shirts just for the occasion.

as our party guests started to trickle in, they all made a beeline for the bean's room to play while the moms hung out and chatted around the table.

lilcee and mini cee came bearing gifts - this life-sized minnie mouse piñata.  she was amazing (and we couldn't bear to smack her to bits).

the cookie decorating station was quite a hit.

so were the snacks.  because DUH.

the girls had fun playing the games, too.

my friend nanette came with her collection of jamberry nail stickers, which she happily applied for whoever asked.

of course, the bean was her first customer.

we had a great afternoon, just hanging out and enjoying the company of our friends.  and as they started making their way out the door, i got them all to stop at the "photo booth" for a quick picture.

this one cracks me up every time i look at it:

and the selfie stick came out again for me and the bean.

many thanks to the disney side celebrations crew, as well as their fabulous sponsors!  we got to have a fabulous playdate and show our disney side, and i'm super grateful for the opportunity.  so much fun, and i hope we get to do it again next year.  i guess we'll see.

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