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Monday, February 23, 2015

treats i can't eat. or, shouldn't.

despite the mass exodus of junk and processed foods from our pantry, i've had to keep a handful of things that i need but can't eat.  i mean, it's not a big deal - stuff like the rainbow of food dyes, a jug of corn syrup, massive quantities of all-purpose flour and sugar.  of course, these are all ingredients for those cookies that i'm still doing, challenge or not.  and i'm still amazed at how many design requests i get that are brand new to me, despite having done these for several years now.  it keeps things interesting and challenging, that's for sure.  doing cookies never gets boring.

i've done minecraft cookies once before, but this time i was asked for several different characters.  since it was only one dozen, it was fun to experiment and see how i fared.  not being a gamer myself, i had to look at quite a few google images to get a feel for what i needed to do.  i think i did okay, though:

next up was a set of mermaid-themed cookies.  i was kind of nervous about these, because you know how i don't do faces and usually try to do elements of a theme like that rather than attempt an actual character.  i think these turned out well, though.  my particular favorite is that sand dollar:

when we went to cookie con, i'd picked up a bunch of cutters for the stash.  with the bean currently obsessed with skating, i grabbed a roller skate cutter just for fun.  so i had to giggle a little to myself when i was asked for skate cookies - only the request was for ICE skates.  d-oh!  i decided i could still make it work, though, with a little cutting and "pasting."  not bad, eh?

and then there are these, for a 6-year-old's birthday party.  i have some fond memories of saturday mornings spent watching scooby doo, and i know there was at least one movie - about a decade or so ago.  so i was kind of surprised that kids even know who scooby doo is anymore.

i have a whole lineup of cookies to do this week, which is awesome.  and confession:  i did crack and eat half of a leftover cookie.  i don't often do that even when i'm not watching what i eat, but you know how it is - when you can't have something, all of a sudden it's all you want.

or...just me?  heh.

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  1. 'when you can't have something, all of a sudden it's all you want." how very true!
    I love the star fish... the purple one. :) Well, all of them, actually.


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