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Friday, February 27, 2015

the season is upon us

the birthday party season has begun.

it's weird, because of course someone has a birthday every day, right?  but it seems like the parties that we get invited to come in spurts.  i can't even remember the last one we'd been to before this month, but in the last few weeks alone we've already been to two and have like four more coming up in march.

my friend alyssa, who kicked off the princess dress cookie craze last year, invited us to join the joint birthday celebration for her two adorable daughters.  this year's shindig was at their super cute home down by the beach, and it was a perfectly overcast, cool day.  perfect because their theme was "frozen."  this, of course, meant a visit from the ice queen herself, who sat with the kids immediately upon arrival for storytime:

then she pulled out her arsenal of body paints and drew sparkly designs on everyone's arms.

she was more than happy to pose for pictures.

as was the bean.

a little piñata time rounded out the party.

remember the scooby doo cookies i did last week?  they were for a bowling party celebrating the sixth birthday of one of the bean's little friends.  technically, she's friends with the birthday girl's sister, but they've all been buddies for a long time.  how cute and perfect is her little dress?  she totally looks like she just stepped out of the mystery machine.

the bean loves to go bowling.  she was really into it, and it was fun to watch her get all excited after every throw of the ball.  she was pretty proud of herself for bowling a 106.

inside the party room, i spied some familiar treats all set up with the party favors.

a handful of tokens for the arcade yielded over 100 tickets.  we love watching them get sucked up into the ticket counting machine, because it's cool.  right?

she chose this fabulous new bling, along with a ring pop that went promptly into her mouth.

we've got a break this weekend, and then next weekend we start again with back-to-back parties to attend.  the fun is nonstop around here, people.  non. stop.

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  1. It's crazy how there really is a "birthday season". We have a party to attend every weekend in March!!!


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