Wednesday, February 4, 2015

lemme see you bounce

i don't give a crap about football.  like, at all.  and with the teen at work all day and the hub hosting a big party at the lounge on super bowl sunday, this left the bean and me to do whatever we wanted to entertain ourselves.  of course, this is never a difficult task.

a new trampoline park just opened nearby - much like sky zone, but way closer to home.  and after checking out their website and buying tickets to jump for an hour, we found ourselves here:

we checked in and received our wristbands and sticky socks:

as i'd expected, the place was relatively empty.  it'd only been open for two weeks, and, well, super bowl.  there were lockers available for storing our stuff, but i'd thought ahead and stuffed keys, money and ID into my pocket.  and then it was time to get our bounce on.

just like sky zone, there was a giant section of trampolines sectioned off into large rectangles - one person per spot.  a chunk of it was sectioned off to the side, reserved for littles 6 and under.

basketball court for easy dunking:

foam pit:

and a separate foam pit that was divided in half.  you grab these giant soft pole-looking things and a friend, and you walk down the middle and then try to smack each other off, american gladiator-style.

there was a dodgeball area too, but the bean has less than zero interest in that.  so off to the foam pit we went.

she got me to jump in with her a few times, but after the last jump where i landed so deep in the pit that i almost lost my socks and then had a hell of a time trying to climb out, i gave up and settled for bouncing on a trampoline.

we spent most of our hour in the back, jumping from one rectangle to another and cracking up the whole time.

trampolining (yeah, i made that a word) for a whole hour is serious exercise, man.  i was sweaty after about 7 minutes - shocking, i know.  and when we were done, the bean collapsed onto an empty rectangle and caught her breath.

i like that the wristbands are color coded, and then at the end of every hour a staffer gets on the mic to let the jumpers know that if they're wearing a particular color, their time is up.  way more efficient than sky zone's timed sticker, which fell off after 5 minutes.

an after-bouncing treat was definitely in order, and baskin robbins was oh-so-conveniently right next door.

i'm going to contact them to see if they might consider doing discounted rates for girl scout troops.  this would be a really fun outing for our girls, methinks.  i am such a troop leader, it's scary.  heh.


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