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Thursday, February 19, 2015

it's like a whole new me

the quest for more healthy grub continues.  of course, pinterest is a huge help.  not just for over-the-top parties and unrealistic fitness memes, it's been a really fabulous resource for all sorts of things from crock pot meals to guilt-free desserts.

the ol' george foreman grill has come in really handy too.  i'm finding myself using it several times a week lately, which is cutting down on my actual cooking time.  this is such a blessing right now with all of the other things i have going on - cookie sales, prep work for our first booth coming up this weekend, my own cookie requests.  yeah, my life is all cookies all the time right now - kinda ironic, yes?

anyway, that grill is helping me put together lovely meals like this grilled chicken with brown rice and brussels sprouts.  and because the bean adores dipping her chicken in ranch, i found a great recipe to make it myself.  no preservatives and additives - score!

i even managed to put together a fun dinner one night - homemade chicken fingers with whole wheat mac & cheese.

because it can't always be chicken, i busted out some parmesan pork chops, served with sautéed asparagus and mushrooms and the ever-present brown rice.

lunches have been a challenge, since fast food was an easy go-to for me before.  bad, i know.  i mean, you guys know how bad my diet was before!  but i've been buying lots of fresh ingredients and finding the time to throw together some decent midday meals, like this shrimp with asparagus.  a little coconut oil, some garlic salt and lemon pepper, and voila:

when i'm super short on time, i just rely on smoothies for lunch.  the addition of cacao powder to the pantry helped me do a tasty chocolate-peanut butter smoothie, with some kale tossed in.  i try to get veggies of some sort into every smoothie and juice.

and yesterday's new smoothie recipe was really good - the "orangesicle" got me a whole orange, some chia seeds and a handful of spinach:

i know.  I KNOW.  it's like you don't even know me anymore, right?  don't worry, though.  i have two boxes of girl scout cookies stashed away to rip into once the challenge is over.  heh.

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