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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

rollin' right through valentine's day

with the prep for our disney side celebration in full swing, valentine's day kind of got shoved aside this year.  i mean, we had some cute little decorations up and put the festive wreaths out a couple of weeks ago, but i didn't do anything special at all.  how very unlike me, eh?

although i did volunteer to help out at the bean's class party, which was super fun.  holidays are always extra awesome because the kids usually get to break free from their school uniform for the day and wear something cute and festive.  since i had zero time to make her something to wear, we settled for a v-day tee and a tutu.

after getting the drudgery of regular schoolwork out of the way, the class worked on a couple of fun crafts before lining up to make their own banana splits.  it was a lovely treat for the bean, who of course opted out of the banana and instead chose to top her chocolate ice cream with the works - sprinkles, chocolate and caramel sauces, and whipped cream.

it's not a party without at least one selfie, amirite?

and then i stood back and watched as she joined the flurry of kids scrambling to place their valentines in each other's hand-decorated bags.  when she was all done, she made a beeline back to her desk to check out the loot.

we spent most of valentine's day itself at home, getting the house cleaned up and finishing up the decorations for the disney party.  the hub took us out to lunch at one of our favorite local spots, where he told the bean she could wear her treasured roller skates.  she was stoked, and it was fun to watch her roll around the mostly-empty shop, stopping to peruse the display of valentine's sweets.

this was pretty much the extent of heart-shaped eats in the house of wan for valentine's day 2015.  although i was perfectly happy to dig into half of this perfectly seasoned hunk of meat for dinner.

i'd picked up this card for the hub weeks ago.  it still makes me giggle.

and with the teen off with her dude for the evening, we took a quick selfie before getting ready for bed.

next year, i'll go back to the silly festive valentine's day shenanigans.  it's too fun not to.

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