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Friday, July 17, 2015

happy birthday, disneyland!

the happiest place on earth is 60 years old today!  while we're not able to go down and join in today's festivities, it gives me a good excuse to trot old some old photos and take a walk down disneyland memory lane.

it all starts here:

we've celebrated countless special occasions here.

 attended lots of exclusive gatherings:

spent lots of quality family time together:

and that castle.  boy, do we love that castle.

well, mostly.

we like disney food, too.

the old lady and i have shared lots of good times here.

we've even had playdates with friends here.

of course, we've done a lot of bonding with other friends too.

and some of my most favorite disney moments have come from running through it at an ungodly hour on a weekend morning.

thanks for all of the wonderful memories so far, disneyland.  here's to many, many more years of fun, friends and family!

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