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Monday, July 13, 2015

little space cadet

there comes a time in a young girl's life when she realizes that something that looked super scary really...isn't.  for the bean, that was friday night.

oh yes.  our girl finally conquered her fear and took her very first ride on disneyland's epic space mountain.  i still remember my first time like it was yesterday - my heart was pounding the whole time we were in line and i almost bailed at the last chance exit.  the bean did no such wussing out.  she was a little nervous, but she stayed strong and didn't even balk when it was time to get on the ride.

and while she squeezed the life out of my left hand through the whole thing and screamed her face off along with the rest of us, she kicked space mountain's ass.  hell, she even looked bored in the ride photo.

i mean, yeah - the guy in front of us totally stole the show in this picture.  what a loon.

we'd gotten to the land rather late, so we didn't do a whole lot - i think we managed about three more rides before it was time to go.  we did get a little goofy for a second, though:

ooh, and check out the vans i busted out for the evening.  i love these things.

wonder how long it'll take for the bean to conquer the final disney mountain - that of the splash.  we'll see.

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