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Monday, July 20, 2015

road trip time!

it'd been quite a long time since we went on a road trip. i personally love them, but i think we'd already hit so many of our local destinations already and ran out of ideas. this time though, the bean was finally old enough to actually enjoy the trip. and with MIL in town to join us (and the old lady wanting no part of it all), we were off.

we saw a few things you don't find anywhere near home. 

okay, there are cows near home, but you don't see this many of them in one place anymore. 

road trips also mean stopping for super bad, super unhealthy but mega delicious grub like this. 

i fell asleep at some point, and when i woke up, we were here:

after wading through some of that oakland/san francisco rush hour traffic, we pulled in here:

our room was lovely. baymax approved. 

there were fun snacks set out for us. 

we had a lovely view, too:

and since we had access to the club, we decided to go down and check it out. 

the afternoon hors d'oeuvres was pretty sweet. 

the bean was suitably impressed. 

with limited time in the city, we headed out to play tourist for the evening. we never did get to ride one, but we were followed by a cable car for awhile. 

coit tower was our first stop. 

a quick drive down twisty, turny lombard street was next. 

then we made our way to fisherman's wharf for some dinner. 

we should've known better though. the food was less than fabulous, though we did love the crab and shrimp cocktail. 

we decided to forego the ice cream at ghirardelli square and opted instead for sweets back in the hotel club. 

then we all fell into bed and snoozed hard. it'd been a long day, but there was more to come. 

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