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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

serging is NOT scary!

my co-leader did something i'd thought was impossible for awhile - got me back into sewing. it started with the classes i joined her in, and moved right into me taking the plunge and adding a serger to my arsenal of tools.

i tried it out using a super easy pattern she recommended - a "free spirit" tank that had a longer dress option. it took a little while to get the pattern printed, assembled and cut out, but i got 'er done. 

then it was time to tackle the scary part: learning how to thread the serger and get it up and running. with the help of a few YouTube videos, i finally got it. also, for fellow brother 1034D owners, i'm happy to report that it's actually quite easy to do once you get it once. 

first shoulder seam: check!

after that, the rest was easy. about half an hour later, i was trying on my first serged knit dress!

i used a similar pattern to make one for the bean, who loved the fabric i'd chosen for her. at first, it was super big on her:

but after a few adjustments and a couple of minutes at the machine, it was good to go. 

while perusing my closet, i came across this dress that i never wear because  strapless bras suck:

you know what happened next, don't you? i turned that bitch inside out and snipped off the side seams:

next, i folded the pieces in half and laid my pattern on top. 

the best part was that i could use the existing hem, which made this even easier than i'd envisioned. i sewed up the shoulders and sides and then got to work on the neckband and armbands. 


i can't wait to go through the rest of my closet and find more things to upcycle.  i'm obsessed. 

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  1. I'm jealous - this is one sewing fear I can't bring myself to tackle!


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