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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

random fun

just a few random things to share, mostly because i have a few long posts to write and i'm quite honestly not feeling up to tackling them yet. yup, i'm feeling lazy. what else is new?

i did get to make some cookies for a couple of friends in the last couple of weeks. these were for my friend a's little boy, who just turned one:

and then i was tapped for a present to send across the country to two little monkeys celebrating a birthday. 

on another note, the draw for this year's nike women's half yielded happy results for me, lilcee and kelley:

i can't believe we're gonna do it again! so excited!  speaking of running, this came in the mail:

whee! i'm enjoying it because that's the only time that's ever gonna happen. never mind that it kind of makes me feel old as hell. whatevs...FIRST PLACE!

oh, and lastly - it turns out that i was one of only seven people to complete the 20 in 30 challenge at barre.  

this concludes this week's post of randomness. i'm sure there will be another one soon. 

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