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Friday, March 18, 2016

enhancing my cookie portfolio

although i spent the last couple of months buried in girl scout cookies, i still managed to turn out a bunch of my own cookies too.  i wouldn't be me without cookies in my life, right?

these were a fun bunch to make for a paw patrol-themed party.  in fact, i've done these for two different friends in the last month:

i was on a roll with the paw print cookies.  not long after i did those, i got to make more of them with a different color scheme for a cub scout dinner:

my cousin r sent me a picture of a invitation she loved for her baby's first birthday and asked me to do some favors for the party.  while i didn't end up doing that sad red saxophone-y looking thing at the bottom, i did make a bunch of the guitars, horns, drums and tambourines (yes, the one that looks like a hamburger).

i tried to veer away from my own handwriting for a varsity cheer end-of-season party.  the coach asked me to use a "fun font," so i looked up a few online and did the best i could:

i adore OG roller skating parties.  i can't rollerblade to save my life, but i can bust a move on roller skates like there's no tomorrow.  these were really fun to make:

these stars are for a friend who's in charge of coordinating her kids' school talent show.  she wanted something to give away and asked me to help her out.  these are pretty simple, but i hope they'll go over well.

okay, so i saved these for last.  my cousin seven hit me up to help her with some fun treats for a bachelorette weekend she was helping to arrange, and there were tons and tons of giggly texts between the two of us as we plotted and planned.  i bought some special cutters just for the occasion:

so you know where this is going, right?  i had to make sure i put them away as soon as they arrived so that little eyes wouldn't see them, leading to questions from a little mouth that i'm not particularly willing to answer yet.  i did share them with the hub and the old lady, and we all got a good chuckle out of them.

now, i don't know where you are or who's around while you read this - and these cookies are definitely NOT in the "safe for work" variety.  so i'm going to do a lot of spacing

and blah blah blah-ing

and distracting

and spirit finger...uh, ing

and jazz hands-ing

and i think now it's probably safe.  i'm still torn between "HAHAHAHAHAHA!" and "EWWWWWWWW" when i look at these, but it's mostly the former.  i'm sure you will be too:

and yes, there are a couple of different skin tones going on there.  and yes, i saved the, uh, "enhancement" for the non-erect ones.  bwahahahahahahahahahaha!  still funny.

so yeah.  the moral of the story is this:  if you want some dirrrrrrrrrrty cookies for a party...i can hook you up.


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