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Thursday, March 24, 2016

upcycling. it's a thing.

so with all of the fundraising the bean did for her school's jogathon, she earned (among other things) a trip to knott's berry farm on a school day.  this is the first time she's actually reached that level, so i'm not actually sure who was more stoked about this - me or her.  heh.  although that day is today, and so i think she's pretty excited about it now.  well, i know she is, because it's all she could talk about yesterday.

and of course my brain waited until fairly late in the evening to give me the most brilliant idea ever.  do you remember this big fat failure of a dress that looked more like a nightgown than anything else?

i realized that i could take all that snoopy fabric i'd used on the skirt and turn it into...well, pretty much anything else.  and so knowing that she had to wear her class t-shirt from the jogathon for the outing, i thought that i would make her a skirt.  but because that material is woven cotton instead of comfy, stretchy knit, i decided to try a pattern i've been holding onto for awhile that would be perfect.

using my fabulous cutting tools that i've also been hoarding in their packages, just waiting for the right moment, i sliced that skirt right off and hacked it into the pattern pieces needed for the skirt.

because i have piles and piles of fabric that's also been waiting around to be noticed, i had exactly what i needed for my little project.  it actually didn't take very long to sew this up, although with the measurements actually created with stretchy knit in mind, i was a little concerned about the size of the finished skirt.  so i picked up those scissors again, sliced off a good-sized chunk off the top, attached the waistband, and voila:

then because i'm a glutton for punishment and couldn't seem to stop myself, i decided it was also a great idea to use up the rest of that fabric, try my hand at colorblocking, and whip out a matching backpack.

and...IT FITS!  yay!!

so awesome. ha!



  1. So yesterday, I noticed that my daughter's button was dangling off her coat, and I sewed it back on for her. It was a HUGE mom win for me. Like EPIC. Obviously, you and I are in different mom categories.


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